Produktif has reached an important milestone with the completion of the initial phase of the design validation of the Produktif joinery system. The analysis, conducted by SINTEF Manufacturing, shows that our Click-Unclick™ joinery components perform as intended.  The joints were analyzed for static loading of modular buildings up to four stories.

“Based on the preliminary analysis conducted by SINTEF, we are delighted, but not surprised, that the first phase of the FEA validates the Produktif design. The design performs in the way intended and with SINTEF´s rigorous model and analysis we can move forward with the next phases of the FEA without any significant adjustments to the design,” 
Raymond Sheen, Head of Engineering at Produktif AS.

The primary objective of the initial phase was to establish if there is an important redesign required for the Click-Unclick™ joinery system to function with the loads implied in a four-story modular building. The first phase is the most comprehensive as it includes designing and programming of the finite element mesh for the virtual static load analysis. 90 percent of the work goes into the mesh design. The remaining 10 percent is the analysis work. The load bearing values are based on requirements from one of our modular building development partners.

“The initial phase of FEA was completed with no major adjustments required to the design. As a result, we are now running several iterations of the structural design elements to ensure adaptability to various materials and construction segments. We are encouraged by the preliminary analysis of the Click-Unclick™ joinery design of structural components for a four-story modular building,”  
Knut Moen, SINTEF Manufacturing.

During the next steps, SINTEF will conduct FEA iterations with different materials and impacts from horizontal and asymmetrical loads and wind to further validate the Click-Unclick™ structural components. The final report of the FEA is expected at the end of February 2022. At that time Produktif will correlate the results of the SINTEF analysis with actual stress test data from the laboratory.

Produktif comments: The blue and light blue areas illustrate that there are no weak spots when maximum load is applied onto the Produktif joints. The red area shows a weak spot on a sharp angle in the joint. This is so minor that there is no significant redesign required, only a smoothening of the sharp point.