Produktif is a construction technology and design firm that has reimagined residential construction. Our fast, affordable, resilient and sustainable solution builds homes 80% faster and almost 20% lower cost. Our system is highly scalable, using innovations in engineering, software, manufacturing, and logistics.

The Produktif System

 See how our system revolutionizes the home-building process 

What We Do

Reimagined Building Design


 Our productive homes are built with the homeowner in mind.  The designs can be tailored to any region or lifestyle using our design platform.  The patented CLICK system has organized the building components into six systems that can be optimized for cost, performance or aesthetic design. Because safety and security are critical elements of the design, they are built to passive house standards and to resist fire, seismic, flood or wind extreme events.  With an eye to the environment, each building part is sustainably sourced and  manufactured using resilient components 

Reimagined Construction Process

Parts funnel to buildings

 Our Produktif WORKS manufacturing process has reimagined construction by relying on the proven methods of Lean manufacturing.  It uses global suppliers for key components, local manufacturing, and onsite assembly of the building.  Each step is planned and managed using Just-In-time (JIT)scheduling. The result is a home that is constructed 80% faster and often at a 20% lower cost than conventional construction while increasing the quality of the components and systems.

Reimagined Relationships

Exchange of thoughts

 Our digital platform, Produktif FLOW, removes the friction and delays in communication. Throughout the construction process there are numerous stakeholders and massive amounts of information consisting of designs, specifications, schedules and installation records. Through the platform this information can be transmitted in real-time and error-free.  This leads to a collaborative process, founded upon trust and confidence between stakeholders.