Pioneering the future of construction

Our mission is to deliver 4X faster assembly and make 100% reuse a reality.

The OJoint

is made for joining any beam, in any direction. The OJoint makes triangular shapes that can be used in roofs, foundations, trusses, bridges, etc.


The CJoint

is made for joining vertical members (columns) with up to 12 horizontal members (beams). The cylindrical Cjoint can connect two or more beams at any angle. The Cjoint connectsrectangular frames that can receive floors,walls, and ceiling/roofs.


Our solution

The Click/Unclick™ joinery system that unlocks modularized construction and opens for efficient and automated assembly of construction modules.


We partner with industry leaders in modular construction to fine-tune our technology, and connect stakeholders on a digital platform for sharing and scaling of the design and production tool.

Contact us

Rune KongshaugCEO and Co-FounderEmail: rune@produktif.comMobile NO: +47 988 83 414Mobile US: +1 917 499 1231