Industry partners contribute to validating our innovative joinery system.

By working with industry partners on design and product development we ensure that our innovative connection system significantly improves current construction processes.

Together with Harmet, a leader in modular construction, we are developing the first generation Produktif high-precision connector for the assembly and stacking of Harmet's next-generation 369 modules. This gives Produktif a unique opportunity to test our design in a modular construction environment. For more information about Harmet, click here.

An illustration of a Harmet next-generation 369 module using Produktif joinery system to connect corners and stack modules.

369 modules stacked in different configurations.

Source: Eero Tuhkanen, 2021, Slottet-In Steel Plate Connections with Dowels in Cross-Laminated Timber Shear Walls. Tallin University of Technology, School of Engineering, Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture. This dissertation was accepted for the defense of the degree 24703/2021.

As a start-up we are grateful for the support and financial grants provided by our industrial, technical and financial partners.

SINTEF and Manufacturing Technology Norwegian Catapult Centre (MTNC) at Raufoss are instrumental in the development of prototypes, a mobile manufacturing process and stress testing of our high precision connectors.

Innovation Norway, Innlandet Fylkeskommune with the Grønn Framtid initiative, and Norsk Katapult (MTNC) have provided grants in support of prototype development, stress testing and market clarification.

Total Innovation is an innovation and commercialization company based in the Gjøvik region. As our incubator, Total Innovation supports us with co-working space, entrepreneurial development expertise, regional resources and access to regional and national funding.


Produktif is looking to work with individuals and companies motivated to make a difference. At Produktif we are pioneering the future of construction with transformative design and innovative technology. Our Click/Unclick™ joinery system is a solution to reduce the near 40% waste and carbon emissions construction produces. It will cut assembly time by 80% and save costs of construction.

Produktif has invented 100% reusable joints that can be assembled and disassembled with a click. We encourage experienced professionals and students to get in touch. Together we can unlock the potential of modular construction with the essential ingredient, a Click/Unclick™ system.

We are looking to develop with:
- Material suppliers
- Modular factories
- Architects, Engineers & Construction professional
- New product introduction (testing, fast prototyping, market launch)
- Technology integration
- Pilot projects

Contact us

Rune KongshaugCEO and Co-FounderEmail: rune@produktif.comMobile NO: +47 988 83 414Mobile US: +1 917 499 1231