Industrialized Processes

The Produktif WORKS process relies on Lean best practices for supply chain management and manufacturing operations.  Critical components are sourced from leading global suppliers.  These are used in a local manufacturing WORKS factory to create the building modules and components that are assembled onsite.

Works Manufacturing


Local Manufacturing

Our Produktif WORKS manufacturing facilities are located in cities and regions near the construction sites they support.  These builder franchise facilities establish and maintain relationships with local developers, city managers, housing authorities, and building owners to ensure the building construction is compatible with local codes, standards, and customs.  In addition, this facility will work with local building trades and suppliers who provide the finishing work for the building.  This ensures local management of cost, schedule and quality of the work on each project.


Computer-aided Industrial Processes

 The Produktif WORKS uses modern industrial processes for manufacturing the components used in the building’s onsite assembly in the region they support.  Their LEAN processes are flexible and scalable with respect to local building types, taste, budget, code and climate constraints.  The direct business-to-business-to-consumer (B2B2C) capacity is directly translated into Produktif Global’s design-to-machine process.  The WORKS factory CAD/CAM system fabricates custom parts using CNC equipment and 3D printers 


Logistics and Staging Hub

A critical success factor for the Produktif WORKS factories is the application of LEAN manufacturing processes.  This applies in particular to the portion of the factory that acts as a warehouse and logistics hub for the local construction sites.  The WORKS factory schedules daily deliveries to each construction site on a Just-in-Time basis.  This keeps the construction site clean and safe while simplifying the onsite assembly of each building.