Produktif Approach

The Produktif Approach to Construction


Produktif is a system for designing, building, and maintaining comfortable, affordable, beautiful, and sustainable homes.

The Produktif approach starts with the building design.  After analyzing the performance and utility of residential homes, we categorized a building into six component classes based upon functionality.  The design of each of class has been optimized for comfort, cost, and the ability to quickly construct an error-free building.  This is Produktif CLICK, our patented building structure and modular component system.  These components are globally sourced from leading suppliers of sustainable building products.

Great design, however, is not enough.  Homes must be built in a fast and cost-effective manner.  To construct a Produktif home, the approach includes our digital platform, Produktif FLOW and our construction operations, Produktif WORKS.    The digital platform connects every stakeholder in a construction project to allow for real-time collaboration and coordination.  By removing the friction in communication, this platform accelerates information exchange, approvals, and payments.  In addition, the digital platform is the repository for the design configuration and the as built documentation.  

Produktif WORKS are local franchises that use the Produktif system for design, project management, manufacturing and assembly of homes.  These franchises are equipped with state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment to ensure rigorous quality.  The CAD/CAM systems drive the manufacturing of components.  The manufacturing management system relies on LEAN principles to reduce cycle times and maintain high quality.  The WORKS operation is also a logistics hub for the receipt of the subsystems and materials for each home.  It controls the material delivered to the work site ensuring proper staging and assembly.

By reimagining the building design, construction process, and applying state-of-the-art digital technologies, the Produktif approach delivers impressive results.  Our process speeds the onsite construction time by 80%.  In addition, savings of approximately 20% in construction costs (excluding land and permits) with higher quality means fewer callbacks.  By designing with passive house and energy efficient standards, we deliver a smart and resilient home.  And as our BIM library of components expands, unlimited customization of homes is possible.

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