Our Vision

A world where sustainable, affordable buildings and building systems create an environment of “productive” living and working spaces for everyone.

Our Mission

  To create and establish the design principles, management platforms and value chain that enable rapid, affordable, sustainable and desirable building construction. We do this through:

  • Creating innovative building systems that are easy to construct
  • Creating innovative building systems that integrate with the local environment
  • Creating innovative building systems minimize the use of scarce natural resources 
  • Establishing a platform that enables and encourages a collaborative environment among the stakeholders within the building construction value chain 
  • Establishing a low-cost construction process that is replicable, scalable and minimizes errors and defects 
  •  Relying on data to design, build and manage all phase of the construction process
  • Empowering local architects, artisans and builders to use and participate with the Produktif ecosystem for construction.


Our Values

Everything we do is focused on creating value.  Value for our stakeholders, value for our customers, value for our partners, and value for our employees.  Our core values align us with value creation. 

Customer Satisfaction to Define Value

  • We adopt our customer’s view of what is important about the design and use of a building.
  • We acknowledge and respect the diverse culture and concerns of our customers about building spaces.

Innovate to Create Value

  • We adopt and embrace the design practices from any industry that will improve the product or process of building construction.
  • We are constantly seeking to add features and options to our buildings to enhance the enjoyment, use and maintenance of our buildings.

Process Excellence to Deliver Value

  • We adopt and embrace the best industrial and commercial business practices from and industry to improve the speed, cost and quality of our buildings.
  • We follow a practice of continuous improvement to better serve and deliver value to our customers.


Global Integration to Spread Value

  • We work with both the best global suppliers for critical materials and components to ensure high quality at reasonable costs.
  • We work with local contractors and construction industry stakeholders in every area of world to meet the needs of the local building owners and occupants.

Collaboration to Intrinsically Grow Value

  • We create digital platforms where all stakeholders in a construction project can participate and add value in the decision-making processes.
  • We actively seek to extend our network of preferred and qualified architects, engineers, suppliers, construction firms, artisans and developers.

Stewardship of Natural Resources for Sustained Value

  • We use sustainable materials to the greatest degree possible in our building designs and construction techniques
  • We seek to create designs that meet the leading industry standards for responsible use of natural resources such as Passive House Standards and Net-zero Energy Building Standards.

Integrity and Trust – the Foundation of Value

  • We endeavor to create and build trust between Produktif and its stakeholders in all our business transactions.
  • To create trust, each member of the community must act with integrity. We commit ourselves to always act with the highest ethical standards and we will avoid potential stakeholders or business partners who do not act with integrity.