Lifecyle Management

The Produktif FLOW digital platform is a collaboration and project management system.  This system follows a building from conceptual design through component manufacturing and onsite assembly.   It also enables our building monitoring system by integrating data collection into our real-time dashboard that is provided to the building owner. 

FLOW digital Platform


Collaboration and Connection Platform

The Produktif FLOW digital platform is the communication and collaboration hub of the Produktif system.  The FLOW platform is used to design the building and generate the information needed for approvals from the owners and regulatory agencies.  It then serves as the project management hub for construction.  It manages deliveries from suppliers, schedules the manufacturing and assembly activities for construction, and processes payments.  Finally, once the building is complete, it is used to augment and monitor the BIM system used by the building owners and maintainers.


Integrates Building Information at Every Stage

The Produktif FLOW platform integrates both product and project management logic embedded in New Product Development / Introduction (NPD or NPI) and integrated project delivery (IPD)  FLOW is used to create and maintain the object design and project design-build records.  The design uses components from the BIM library that is at the heart of the FLOW platform.  This documents the design and provides manufacturing instructions to the WORKS factory that is responsible for project design and construction.  The manufacturing and assembly records foe each site are recorded and maintained by FLOW so there is never a question about what was done or who did it.


Create a Digital Twin for the Building

Through the use of advanced analytics and artificial intelligence, the FLOW platform will be able to create a digital twin of the building.  This simulated building will be calibrated with the actual building performance information that is recorded in the building monitoring system.  The digital twin can be used to predict maintenance needs, improve efficiency and customize performance for comfort.