Produktif Corporate Family

Produktif Global


 Produktif Global acts as a knowledge and collaboration company that empowers and simplifies the residential construction process. It is the investment entity for public and private investors. At this time Produktif Global oversees the work of  two business units to provide focus on the R&D development of the Produktif design and construction approach and the operational execution.  

Produkif Norway


  Produktif Norway A/S is the center for R&D of the product design, known as Click. This will also be the center for the development of the manufacturing processes, known as Works and product certification. This business unit, located in Norway, will take advantage of the centers of excellence in massive wood construction and be eligible for the matching R&D funds from Norwegian government entiti

Produktif Digital


  Produktif Digital is the center for software development which is known as the Flow platform. This business unit will leverage the software expertise in digital platform development found in North America. The platform will be iteratively developed and leverage off-the-shelf applications where possible.