Digitally Crafted

 A Produktif designed building relies on our patented CLICK system and six component subassemblies. Through the use of massive wood and its technical, thermal and aesthetic properties, we employ digital tools to produce a better product at a lower cost, attaining the highest possible standards in sustainable performance 

CLICK Building Design

Patented O-Joint

  Our unique and patented O-joint design combines the tremendous structural strength of time-proven joinery and a panelized approach.   Using precision CNC and robotics manufacturing, the components are assembled with ease in a snap-together assembly.  This reduces time and cost in construction while enhancing building designs so that they can meet some of the toughest seismic and environmental conditions.


Six Building Component Systems

Our design approach is to plan and construct buildings from a systems approach.  We have categorized each component in a building into one of six functional component classes and then optimized performance within each component class.  This enhances performance as components work together in synergy and as part of a holistic system and product lifecycle (cradle to grave).  This categorization into component classes allows us to easily customize and optimize building designs for localized application.


BIM 2.0 Library

The key to the design process is the Building Information Modeling and Metadata library.  This library of components, maintained on our digital FLOW platform, provides architects, builders, suppliers, and building owners with the information they need to design, approve, build, and maintain the buildings. The BIM library speeds the design process by providing prequalified designs to architects and engineers.